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Orthopedic Surgeon, Dennis Sagini, MD Appointed to Lee Memorial Surgery Center Council

Fort Myers, FL May 20, 2013 - Fort Myers orthopedic surgeon, Dennis Sagini, MD, was recently appointed to the Surgery Center Council at the Lee Memorial Sanctuary Outpatient Surgery Center. In his role on the council, Sagini is representing independent physicians who operate at the Surgery Center. In addition, he will be assisting in efforts to promote and grow the Center.

“I appreciate the opportunity to serve on the council, raise awareness about the center, and assist in promoting its growth,” said Sagini. “The goal of the center is in alignment with my goals as a surgeon: to provide the most minimally invasive procedures, and ensure a better overall experience for patients. I volunteered for a leadership role on the council in an effort to promote and encourage outpatient surgery, improve efficiency, and decrease complications of prolonged surgery.”

The Outpatient Surgery Center, located at 8970 Colonial Center Drive in Fort Myers, is an 80,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility by Lee Memorial Health System. The center offers a wide variety of outpatient procedures that enable patients to go home on the day of their surgery. Many of the procedures at the center are minimally invasive, allowing for quicker recovery time. By eliminating the need for a hospital trip, the center provides patients with shorter wait times and more convenience, while still receiving the same level of quality care.

About Dennis Sagini, MD:

Dr. Dennis Sagini, MD is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, specializing in care of the hand and upper extremity. He is on the Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida team, based in Fort Myers, FL. Dr. Sagini has a passion for helping his patients get back to the lifestyle they love, using the most minimally invasive procedures, as well as non-surgically through means such as steroid injections, occupational and physical therapy, and splinting. Whether it’s getting back to tennis, golf, job duties, or performing tasks as simple as opening a jar, or sleeping easily through the night, the goal of Dr. Sagini and his staff is to help patients enjoy life again without pain.

Dr. Sagini also makes it a priority to provide a relaxed atmosphere that is both professional and personal, and makes his patients feel at ease. Patients can feel comfortable talking directly to their doctor, and getting answers to all of their questions and concerns.

Specializing in treatment of many common conditions such as carpal tunnel, Numbness, tingling, and stiffness of the upper extremity, arthritis, hand and shoulder pain, upper extremity injuries, golfers and tennis elbow, and all other conditions of the upper extremities. Dr. Dennis Sagini and his team are constantly searching for the latest technology and most efficient methods of care in order to increase comfort, decrease recovery time, and bring each individual back to the quality of life that they desire. For more information about Dennis Sagini, MD, visit or, or call (239) 337-2003. Serving all of Southwest Florida, including Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral.

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